How To Make A Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

How To Make A Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

Galley kitchens Are notorious for their limited space, making them A challenge to work with when It comes to design And functionality. With some smart tricks up your sleeve, you can transform your cramped galley kitchen into A spacious And airy cooking paradise How To Make A Galley Kitchen Look Bigger. 

What is a galley kitchen?

Galley kitchens Are typically found on larger vessels such as cruise ships, yachts, And cargo vessels. They Are typically smaller in size than A standard cookery And Are used for preparing food that will be served on the main deck or in the dining room. Galley kitchens typically have A limited number of cooking stations And Are often not equipped with ovens or refrigerators.

Making your galley kitchen bigger

Galley kitchen can often feel cramped And limited in space, making it challenging to work efficiently. There Are several design tricks that can make your galley cookery look bigger than It actually Is. With the right combination of color, lighting, storage solutions, And layout adjustments, you can transform your small kitchen into A more spacious And functional Area.

One way to make your galley cookery look bigger Is by choosing light colors for the walls And cabinets. Light hues reflect natural light better than dark ones, which means they will help brighten up your space And create the illusion of more room. Adding mirrors or other reflective surfaces can amplify this effect further by bouncing light around the room.

Use Colour

Using colour Is An effective way to make your galley look bigger. When choosing colours For your galley, It’s important to keep in mind that lighter colours will make the space appear larger than darker tones. Opting For A light colour palette, such as white or pastels, will help to create an illusion of more space And make the Area feel open And airy.

Another way to use colour to create A sense of depth And space is by incorporating different shades And hues throughout the galley. Using contrasting colours on cabinets, walls or backsplashes can draw attention away from cramped quarters And add interest to the room. 

Add Geometric Patterns

Adding geometric patterns Is A great way to make your galley look bigger. This Is because the repetition of shapes And angles can create an optical illusion that suggests more space than there actually is. With careful placement And selection of geometric patterns, you can bring out the best in your narrow kitchen layout.

One way to incorporate geometric patterns Is through tiles. Using tiles with linear designs or crisp angles can help elongate walls And floors, making your galley look larger. Another option Is using wallpaper or decals with triangular or hexagonal shapes to create visual interest on one wall without overwhelming the space. Remember, less Is often more when It comes to patterned décor in A small space.

In addition to visually expanding the space, incorporating geometric patterns also adds a touch of modernity And sophistication to your galley cookery.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your galley kitchen Is A simple yet effective way to make It appear larger. Mirrors create an illusion of space by reflecting light And giving the impression of depth. They also add A touch of sophistication And elegance to any room, making your kitchen look brighter, more modern, And spacious.

Strategically placed on walls or cabinets, mirrors can make your galley kitchen feel less cramped And more open. Consider installing multiple smaller mirrors rather than one large one as this will have A greater impact on the overall look And feel of the space. Be mindful not to overdo It though  too many mirrors in small spaces can be overwhelming And even dizzying.

Another great way to incorporate mirrors into your galley kitchen design Is by using mirrored backsplashes. Not only do they offer practical benefits such as easy cleaning, But they also reflect light back into the room, creating A brighter ambiance.

Use Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting Is A great way to add both functionality And style to your kitchen. Not only does It enhance the overall look of your space, But It can also make your galley galley look bigger And more spacious. With the right selection of lights, you can create An illusion that opens up your canteen while providing enough illumination For all your daily activities.

One of the most significant advantages of cabinet lighting Is its ability to accentuate specific areas in your kitchen. It helps draw attention away from other parts, creating A focal point that adds depth And dimension to small spaces like galley galleys. Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting for cooking or doing dishes, making meal preparation more comfortable And safer.

Opt For Open Shelving

Open shelving Is A great way to add style And functionality to your canteen. It Is An excellent option for those who want to create the illusion of more space in A small galley galley. With open shelving, you Can make your galley look bigger without having to knock down walls or add extra square footage.

One of the benefits of open shelving Is that It allows you to display your favourite items while keeping them within reach. Whether It’s displaying your collection of cookbooks, antique plates, or colourful mugs, open shelves offer A perfect opportunity to showcase all the things you love. By choosing sleek And minimalistic shelves, you can achieve an elegant And modern look that will complement any decor style.

Choose A Compact Dishwasher

Choosing A compact dishwasher can be A smart solution For those who want to maximise their canteen space. A galley cookery, in particular, can benefit from A smaller dishwasher as It will make the area look And feel bigger. Not only will it free up valuable counter space, But it also won’t take up too much room when opened.

When selecting a compact dishwasher, keep in mind that they come in various sizes And capacities. It Is important to measure the available space And consider your household’s dishwashing needs before making A purchase. Some models offer different wash cycles And energy-saving features that may be of interest to you.

Another advantage of choosing a compact dishwasher Is its eco-friendliness. These appliances typically use less water And electricity than full-size dishwashers, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Pick A Slimline Fridge

A slimline fridge Is becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking to save space in their home. With open-plan living and the galley-style kitchenette look, A slimline fridge can make your kitchen feel more spacious And airy, creating A less cluttered And minimalist aesthetic. The slimmer profile of these fridges means they’re ideal for small kitchenettes or apartments where there Isn’t much room to spare.

Another benefit of A slimline fridge Is that it’s typically more energy-efficient than larger models. This means that you’ll save money On your electricity bills over time while also reducing Your carbon footprint. Plus, many modern slimline fridges come with features such as frost-free technology And adjustable shelves, making them just as practical as their bulkier counterparts.

Choose integrated appliances

Choosing integrated appliances Is A smart way to make your galley kitchen look bigger. Integrated appliances blend seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry, creating A streamlined and cohesive look that opens up space. This design solution Is perfect for a smaller cookhouse where every inch counts, as It eliminates the visual clutter caused by bulky appliances.

Integrated appliances come in various styles And sizes, making It easy to find one that fits your kitchen’s layout And aesthetic. You can opt for a built-in refrigerator or freezer that matches your cabinetry or install an oven with a sleek glass front panel that complements your countertops. Integrated appliances are available for all kinds of functions, from cooking to cleaning to storage, So you can enjoy maximum efficiency And convenience without sacrificing style.

Opt For Reflective Surfaces

Opting for reflective surfaces Is An excellent way to make your galley kitchen look bigger. By reflecting light, these surfaces create the illusion of A larger space. The most common reflective surface in canteens is tile or glass backsplash. They reflect light And can give off A unique texture that adds interest to the small space.

Mirrors Are another great reflective surface option for galley cookhouses. Placing mirrors on cabinet doors will reflect natural light and create A brighter ambiance in the room. Another way to use mirrors in your galley cookery Is by installing opposite windows or openings to reflect natural light throughout the entire cookery Area.

Stainless steel appliances also have highly reflective surfaces that can add both style And function to your galley kitchen. They reflect ambient lighting as well as sunlight, creating an open feeling in the small space.

Seek Out Narrow Cabinets

Galley kitchens Are known for their narrow And limited space. If you’re struggling to create A functional canteen with enough storage, then it’s time to start thinking outside the box. One of the best solutions Is to seek out narrow cabinets that can help you maximise your space And make your galley canteen look bigger.

Narrow cabinets Are an excellent way to add more storage without taking up too much floor space. These cabinets Are typically tall and slim, making them perfect for storing items like baking sheets, cutting boards, And other long objects that can be difficult to store in regular-sized cabinets. With narrow cabinets, you can take advantage of every inch of available wall space in your galley canteen.

Shelving and accessories

Shelving and accessories Are critical components in creating the perfect galley kitchen look. With limited counter space And narrow walkways, It’s essential to have functional storage solutions that maximise every inch of your kitchen. Investing in quality shelving units not only creates more room But also adds A modern touch to your cookhouse design.

It’s open shelving or closed cabinets, choose options that complement the overall aesthetic of your galley canteen. For example, floating shelves with clean lines And minimalistic brackets can make A small space feel less cluttered while adding A decorative element. Installing pull-out drawers And organisers inside cabinets maximises storage capacity without sacrificing accessibility.


 It is possible to make your galley cookhouse look bigger with just A few simple changes. First And foremost, consider the color scheme of your cookhouse. Lighter colours tend to reflect more light And create the illusion of more space. If you have dark cabinets or walls, consider painting them A lighter shade or adding light-coloured backsplash tiles.

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