What To Put In Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

What To Put In Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

The area above kitchen cabinets, Often overlooked And Underutilized, Holds a wealth of untapped design potential. If you’ve ever wondered what to put in the space above your cookhouse cabinets, You’re in the right place. Whether your kitchen exudes a contemporary, Rustic, Or traditional charm, This often-neglected space can be transformed into a canvas for creativity And Personal expression. In this article, we’ll explore a multitude of inspiring ideas to help you make the most of the empty expanse above your cabinets, Adding both style And Functionality to your cookhouse. From decorative accents to practical storage solutions, We’ll guide you through the process of turning this often-ignored area into a visually appealing And Harmonious part of your kitchen’s overall design. Let’s unlock the potential of your kitchen’s vertical space And Enhance the heart of your home in a way that suits your taste And Needs.

Functional Storage Solutions:

When it comes to optimizing the space above your kitchen cabinets, One of the most practical considerations is functional storage solutions. This often-underutilized area can serve as an ideal spot for storing items that you don’t frequently use. For instance, You can install open shelves to keep your collection of cookbooks, Decorative kitchenware, Or Even small appliances. By doing so, You free up precious counter And Cupboard space, Making your kitchen more organized And Efficient. Additionally, Incorporating pull-out drawers or cubbies can be a clever way to store items like cutting boards, Baking sheets, Or Trays, Ensuring they remain easily accessible yet out of sight when not in use.

Lighting Considerations:

Lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics of the space above your cookhouse cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting is a popular choice, As it not only illuminates the area but also highlights the objects you’ve chosen to display. Consider installing LED strip lights or puck lights to create a warm, Inviting atmosphere. You can also opt for smart lighting options that can be controlled remotely to set the mood And Save energy. This not only adds a touch of elegance to your cookhouse but also brings a practical advantage as it improves visibility when you’re working on your kitchen tasks.

Color And Material Coordination:

To ensure a cohesive And Visually appealing kitchen design, It’s crucial to pay attention to color And Material coordination when deciding what to put in the space above your cookhouse cabinets. Consider the existing color palette of your cookhouse And The materials used in your cabinetry. You can use this space to introduce complementary colors or materials, Creating a sense of balance And Harmony. For example, Suppose your kitchen features white cabinetry And A neutral color scheme. In that case, You might add decorative items or accessories in a contrasting color, Such as blue or green, To inject a pop of visual interest. Similarly, You can coordinate materials, Such as incorporating glass or metallic accents to match your cabinet hardware or backsplash for a polished look.

Aesthetics And Decor:

The space above the kitchen cabinets is like a blank canvas waiting for your artistic touch. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. Consider adding decorative items that resonate with your style. Displaying a collection of ceramic or glass vases can introduce color And Texture, Creating a visually appealing arrangement. Wooden or metal trinkets, Such as antique clocks or decorative plates, Can infuse a touch of vintage charm. Embrace your style by mixing And Matching items that reflect your taste, Whether it’s a minimalist, Rustic, Or Eclectic aesthetic.

Artwork And Sculptures:

If you want to make a bold statement And Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, Consider incorporating artwork And Sculptures. Hanging artwork on the wall space above your cabinets can elevate the entire room. You can choose paintings, Prints, Or Even a gallery wall arrangement to suit your theme. Sculptures, Such as contemporary abstract pieces or classic figurines, Can be strategically placed on top of the cabinets. These artistic additions not only enhance the decor but also draw the eye upwards, Making your cookhouse feel more spacious And Elegant.

Greenery And Potted Plants:

Introducing greenery And Potted plants is an excellent way to infuse life And Freshness into your kitchen. The space above the cabinets is often bathed in natural light, Making it an ideal spot for indoor plants. Consider placing potted herbs, Succulents, Or Trailing vines in decorative pots or baskets. The touch of green not only adds a vibrant And Inviting atmosphere but also contributes to cleaner air quality. Ensure your chosen plants are easy to care for And That they fit the available space comfortably. The combination of lush greenery And Your kitchen’s decor can create a harmonious And Relaxing environment, Making your kitchen a true sanctuary.

Decorative Trays And Baskets:

If you’re looking for a practical yet stylish way to utilize the space above your cookhouse cabinets, Decorative trays, And Baskets are an excellent choice. These items not only add a touch of charm but also serve as functional storage solutions. You can use decorative trays to neatly organize items like cookbooks, Potted herbs, Or Small kitchen appliances. Baskets, On the other hand, Can hold items like fresh fruits, Vegetables, Or Even wine bottles, Creating a rustic And Welcoming atmosphere. By incorporating these elements, You can effectively combine aesthetics with functionality, Making the most of this space.

Collectibles And Antiques:

For those with a passion for collectibles And Antiques, The space above cookhouse cabinets can be a treasure trove for showcasing your unique finds. Whether it’s a collection of vintage teapots, Antique porcelain plates, Or A series of cherished family heirlooms, This space can become a gallery of memories And Historical significance. Arranging collectibles And Antiques above your cabinets not only adds a personal touch to your kitchen but also becomes a conversation starter for guests. It’s a creative way to blend your personal history And Interests with your kitchen’s design, Making it a space that truly feels like more home decor ideas.

Show Your Collections:

One ingenious way to make the most of the space above your kitchen cabinets is by showcasing your prized collections. If you’re an avid collector of vintage teapots, Antique dishes, Or Ornate cookware, This area provides an ideal platform for putting them on display. Arranging your collections in an organized And Aesthetically pleasing manner not only adds a personal touch to your cookhouse but also serves as a conversation starter for your guests. The unique, Eye-catching pieces you’ve gathered over the years can become part of your kitchen’s decor, Infusing it with character And Charm. Just ensure that the items you choose to display are well-coordinated to maintain a cohesive look.

Add Mirrors:

Mirrors can work wonders in transforming the space above your kitchen cabinets. Not only do they create an illusion of more space, But they also reflect natural And Artificial light, Brightening up your cookhouse. By strategically placing mirrors, You can make your kitchen feel more open And Inviting. Consider using framed mirrors to complement your Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets with High Ceilings style – whether it’s a rustic wooden frame for a country cookhouse or a sleek, Minimalist design for a modern space. Mirrors also lend a touch of sophistication And Elegance, Making them an excellent choice for adding depth And Dimension to the area above your cabinets. Additionally, They can help balance the visual weight of tall cabinets, Creating a harmonious look in your cookhouse.


The space above your kitchen cabinets can be a canvas for creativity, Allowing you to enhance your kitchen’s overall design. As we’ve explored in this article, The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can put in this often-neglected area. From practical storage solutions to stylish decor elements, You have the chance to make a significant impact on the look And Feel of your kitchen. So, Don’t underestimate the potential of this space – use it wisely to express your unique style And Turn your cookhouse into a truly remarkable living space. Whether you opt for greenery, Artwork, Or Functional storage, Remember that the space above your cookhouse cabinets can be a design feature that reflects your personality And Adds that perfect finishing touch to your culinary haven.

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